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Below is our FAQ section if you can't find the answer to your question here please just email us and we'll get back to you ASAP.


What’s included with my room?

Full details of what's included can be viewed on the 'What you get' page. 


Currency and Banks

There is a bank on Bequia. The currency here is Eastern Caribbean dollars with a rate of around 2.7 to the US$. You can bring US$ or EC$ that are accepted everywhere.
The Firefly also accepts £ Sterling, Visa and MasterCard.


Mosquitoes & Indigenous Wildlife

As in all tropical countries there are mosquitoes on Bequia. Generally they are not a problem and diseases such as Malaria are non-existent. There are no dangerous animals, fish or sharks in and around Bequia.


What do I need to know about tipping?

Gratuities are always gratefully accepted however there is no need for tipping unless you feel a particular member of staff has given you service above and beyond your normal expectancy. If you do wish to tip all the staff you can include the tip on your credit card when you settle your account when checking out. That way all the staff who have contributed to your stay with us get rewarded.


Are drinks included?

Fresh juices are included with breakfast when staying with us, otherwise we charge for all drinks.


Are you on the beach?

The hotel has its own beach which is about a five-minute walk through the Estate. However, it is a bit wild and unkempt but lovely for walks and morning dips.
Most guests like to go off and explore during the day discovering Bequia’ s many beautiful beaches and hikes, then return in the afternoons to relax by the pool.


In general, it’s not a good idea to be on the beach in the late afternoons as that’s when the sand flies, or no see ums, come out to bite anyone who’s around!


How far are the other beaches?

Nothing is far on Bequia and there are many beautiful beaches to discover. The main beaches are mostly within a ten-minute taxi ride and taxis are relatively cheap and easy to use.


What do you supply for us to take to the beach?

Ice chest, drinks, snacks, picnics, pizza, towels, beach chairs, Frisbee, etc. If you want snorkelling equipment it can be rented from the local dive shop or let us know in advance and we can pre book it for you at cost.


Is there good snorkelling on Bequia?

Yes, there is excellent snorkelling and diving which can be arranged through the local dive shop.


Ferry & Boats

There is no ferry or boat service from Barbados or St Lucia to Bequia.
There is a good ferry service between St. Vincent and Bequia. Please see links for schedules.
The trip takes approximately 1 hour and is inexpensive.

For full details please see the 'getting here' section of the site.


Special dietary requests

We can cater to most special diets. Please let us know what you require and we will do our best.


Wi-Fi & Cell phones

There is free Wi-Fi in all rooms, the Estate Cottage, Beach villa, bar and lounge area. 
There is cell phone coverage over most of the island.


Electric Appliances

The voltage here is 220-240v. 50 cycles.
There are UK power sockets with three straight pins. If you are from the UK – Great!
If not, you need an ordinary travel adapter to connect chargers for cell phones, laptops, iPads etc. - We supply hairdryers.

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